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January 19th IFA (In Flight Abort)

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Booster 1046 made her fourth and final flight successfully demonstrating the dragons abort system.

Lift off at 10:30 am est from SLC 39A at Canaveral Air Force station. There was no booster return as she broke apart after the dragon capsule escaped danger. 

88 seconds into the flight the dragon capsule separated from the rocket booster. shortly after a loud "BOOM" was hear as an explosion rocked the space coast.

The In Flight Abort test was the last major test before NASA will allow SpaceX to move forward with their crewed missions. The main objective of the flight was to demonstrate the abilities of the crew dragon to escape a Falcon 9 rocket in case of emergency. An off nominal launch could be caused by a number of factors including fuel tank rupture, engine failure, or deviating from normal trajectory. Today's launch failure was simulated by shutting down the rockets first stage nine Merlin 1D engines around 88 seconds into the flight.

Like the previous DM-1 launch, there was no crew aboard during the abort test, otherwise it was flown like a normal manned mission will be handled when they once again launch astronauts to and from the ISS. Further analysis will provide data regarding all safety systems, and if the flight was a total success, but as of now all appearances show a perfect abort test by SpaceX.

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