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SpaceX's 100th launch

11:31 AM Est, atop a Falcon 9 rocket from SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

For it's third flight, first stage booster 1060 made history for SpaceX. It was their 100th launch of a Falcon rocket. This happening in less than ten years marks a very impressive show of ability for the launch provider that has taken the world by storm. This is also the sixty third successful landing of a first stage booster for the company, and the forty fifth time a booster has been reflown.

The booster itself was first flown in June of 2020 for the GPS-III SV03 mission then again in September of the same year for a Starlink mission. This mission, for Starlink is the company's newest venture of providing high speed satellite internet across the globe. They now have 895 satellites in orbit. Only 55 have deorbited since their debut due to issues with the equipment. The satellites are able to deorbit themselves and burn up in the atmosphere therefore not adding to the "Space Junk" already floating around the Earth.

This batch of sixty Starlink satellites launching just two weeks after the last sixty means SpaceX has launched more satellites in the last two weeks than any other corporation owns in total. They are no where near finished though as they are planning to have many thousands of them in the sky by the time they're finished, though testing of the service has already begun and helping some emergency rescue services in rural areas in the Western U.S.

launching for decades.

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