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SpaceX hits 33rd launch this year

July 24 at 9:38 am E.T. from LC-39A at the Kennedy Space Center

Another batch of fifty-three Starlink satellites were sent into orbit his morning as SpaceX continues on their break neck cadence of launching rockets this year. Now just half way through the year they’ve sent up two more Falcon 9 rockets than the previous year, and have no intentions of stopping any time soon.

Starlink 4-25, the official mission name lifted off from Kennedy Space Center’s LC-39A as it headed northeast into the atmosphere carrying their latest batch of broadband relay stations to an orbit ranging between 144 miles and 210 miles in altitude. Deployment of these fifty-three satellites came just fifteen minutes after liftoff, and about six minutes after the first stage of the rocket touched down on the autonomous drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX has now launched 2,957 Starlink satellites in total. This includes the prototypes and some that are no longer still in service, but today marked the 53rd dedicated Starlink mission for the company as they continue to grow their global internet constellation.

Flying this mission was Falcon 9 B1062, making its now eighth trip up and back for SpaceX. It first flew for the company back in November of 2020, carrying a U.S. military GPS satellite on the GPS III SV04 mission. From there it went on to carry more satellites, and even eight humans to orbit, as it filled the roll of flying both private citizen missions, Inspiration-4, and Axiom-1. It’s also carried over a hundred Starlink satellites to orbit now, and most recently launched on June 8 of this year on the Nilesat-301 mission carrying an Egyptian communications satellite.

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