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March 18th Starlink's 6th mission

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

8:16 am EST, Launch Complex 39A Kennedy Space Center, atop a Falcon 9 rocket.

(Sunrise on launch day day over launch complex 39B at KSC, just north of LC-39A)

Originally set to launch a few days prior, the Falcon 9 aborted the launch just two seconds after igniting. Just like the last Starlink mission, this rocket too did not complete a successful landing. During the initial abort on the first launch day, it was stated "High Engine Power" to be held responsible for the abort. It is still unclear if this is the same reason that caused an engine to fail during the descent/landing.

On a good note, the mission launched the 5th batch of sixty Starlink satellites, the 6th batch overall as the first mission was considered a test. This was also the first Starlink mission to be launched from the historic LC-39A where all the lunar missions launched from decades previously.

SpaceX has started to use LC-39A for commercial launches, normally used for Falcon Heavy, and Crew Dragon launches. This is to help during down time between those launches and will help relieve the strain of usage on SLC-40 due to SpaceX planing to launch 24 Starlink missions this year. This launch was the first LC-39A has been used since the Es'hail-2 mission in November of 2018.

Another note of importance is the first stage rocket booster 1048 earned its .5 behind the numbers. Meaning that this is the fifth successful launch and landing for booster 1048.

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