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In a rare move, SpaceX moves up a rocket launch

An uncommon site in the space industry, SpaceX has moved a rocket launch forward in time.

You read that correct, This Thursdays rocket launch has been moved to Wednesday, April 22nd 3:37 pm EST.

We are all used to hearing of a rocket launch being delayed, but it is far more uncommon that we hear of one moving forward. We have no official reason as of now from SpaceX but speculation is the move is being made due to upcoming weather concerns for the rest of this week down on the space coast of Florida. Today even the Rocket was moved inside the hangar as a tornado touched down very close to the launch facilities. At this time no damage has been reported to the site.

Photo credit: 45th Space Wing

Pictured above is the official launch forecast issued earlier today by the 45th Space Wing.

The 45th Space Wing is responsible for all operations involving space flight on the east coast, including Space Force, the Department of Defense, NASA, and commercial corporations such as SpaceX.

Shown her are the conditions for launch. Forecast is 90% GO, which is a very good sign for us at home hoping for a beautiful launch to break up the monotony of "stay at home" life. Only mission critical personnel will be on site for the launch as precautions are still in place with the Covid-19 virus. This being a SpaceX launch, means there are other areas now worked into the 45th's forecast. Booster 1051, flying this Wednesday will be landing approximately 629 km down range in the Atlantic Ocean, on a drone ship named "Of Course I Still Love You". This is criteria is unique to SpaceX as they are the only launch provider at this time with the capabilities to safely land a flown rocket booster. This is covered in the "Other Risk Criteria" section on the forecast, and at this times the recovery conditions are labeled as HIGH, and the Upper level shear at the landing site is labeled as MODERATE. These possibly could change things for SpaceX as they have been unsuccessful in their last two landing attempts on the drone ship.

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