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Crew-4 still ground as Starlink 4-14 reaches orbit

April 21st at 1:51 pm E.T. from SLC-40 at the Canaveral Space Force Station

With the continued delay of undocking of the Axiom-1 mission the four of Crew-4 will have to wait just a bit longer before they can launch on their expedition to the International Space Station. Ax1, the first all private crew to the ISS launched on April 8th with the intentions of only staying aboard the station for eight days. Foul weather has prevented their Crew Dragon from being able to undock and safely splashdown. Not a bad deal considering this comes at no extra cost to their already hefty 55 million dollar a piece flight.

This did leave opportunity for SpaceX to launch other payloads however, and that is just what they did. Starlink 4-14, with another batch of fifty-three of their internet communications satellites was able to get off the ground after only a few hours delay on the targeted launch date. Originally slated to lift off at 11:14 am E.T. today, ground winds proved to be too much for the rocket safely to get up, leaving the team to use the backup window of 1:51 pm E.T.

Storm clouds were rolling into the area, but conditions were still considered in bounds for the lift off as Falcon 9 B1060 launched and then about eight minutes later, landing for its twelfth time. The second Falcon 9 now to do so, began its career for SpaceX

back in June of 2020 when it launched the GPS III SV03 mission. To date it has launched nine Starlink missions and three for commercial customers. It was also the booster which launched the Transporter-2 mission, the mission that carried the most satellites at once to orbit, making B1060 possibly the record holder for most satellites ever launched by a single rocket booster.

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