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August 8th, AEHF-5 mission

10:13 am EST atop an Atlas V, from SCL-41 Cape Canavarel Air Force Station, Fl.

ULA (United Launch Alliance) will use an Atlas V 551 rocket to launch the AEHF-5 satellite. AEHF stands for Advanced Extremely High Frequency 5th satellite in the constellation to launch. They are U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems satellites used to provide highly secure, jam-proof connections between U.S. national leadership and deployed forces.

pictured is the Atlas V with AEHF-5 sitting on the launch pad.

This will mark the 80th overall Atlas V mission since the first launch in 2002. This impressive includes a 100% success rate for ULA's Atlas V as well. The 551 configuration means the rocket will have 5 SRBs, Solid Rocket Boosters providing the most powerful configuration that ULA can provide.

Pictured is the first and second stage separating in the upper atmosphere.

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