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The best places to see all the sites for rocket launches and other rocket related events. 

Most people know Kennedy Space Center is where the U.S. launches most of it's rockets from, but what most people don't know is where are the best places to see each launch from. I'm often asked where i would go to view launches and for me, being a photographer i like to be close to the action. Below you will find some of my favorite spots for viewing lift offs from each Launch Complex. It's important to also know which rockets fly from which pads, so lets get that out of the way. 

LC-39A (the historic launch complex where every astronaut who walked on the moon left Earth from): Now leased by SpaceX it is the only pad capable of launching the Falcon Heavy, it is also used for all SpaceX crewed flights, and recently they have started using it for regular missions with the Falcon 9 rocket. 

LC-39B: future home to the SLS rocket system by NASA.

SLC-40: Another pad leased by SpaceX used solely for the Falcon 9 rocket. 

SLC-41: Owned by ULA and used for Atlas V launches and soon to be home of the Vulcan rocket. 

SLC-37B: Home of the Delta rocket program including the Delta IV Heavy. 

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